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Ceremony of Commitment for Confirmation

This year marks a very special year in the faith-lives of the children in 6th class.

Throughout the year, they will be learning more about their faith and deepening their understanding of what it means to grow in a faith community.

This will lead to the celebration of the sacrament of confirmation next Spring.

We have spoken to the children in our classes about their own commitments to this year of preparation for confirmation. They have agreed to make their commitments known to the entire school community at our Mass to celebrate the opening of the school year.

This Mass will take place at 10 o’clock on Monday the 16th October in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Huntstown.

At this Mass, the children will present their Certificates of Commitment to Fr. George, as a symbol of their intentions for the year.

Parents are very welcome to attend the Mass on Monday the 16th. If you are unable to attend, the Mass can be viewed live on the internet, via the parish on-line service at:

We wish the children every success in this important year and we ask you for your full support in this important process.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. L. Williams, Ms. J. Goodwin, Ms. M. Horan, Ms. E. Griffin

4th October, 2017

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