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Book Fair Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for their support of the Book Fair in the school this week.

We were delighted to see so many children taking an interest in books. I hope that you enjoyed the experience!

I would also like to thank everyone involved:

  • thanks to Éidín Macnamara for co-ordinating the activities of the week

  • thanks to all the parents who helped out over the week

  • thanks to Erin GoBragh for allowing us to use their building

As you know, the school benefits hugely from the Book Fair: for every €100 spent by parents at the Book Fair; the school will receive a donation of €50 worth of goods.

We put this money towards supplying books for our classrooms, teachers, support rooms, class libraries, novel sets, read-aloud books and guided reading sets.

So your contribution is very much appreciated!

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