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End of an Era!

It was a poignant start to the week, when we came to school this morning to see the diggers at work, demolishing the prefabs.

For many years now, we have been campaigning to have the prefabs removed and to have additional play space put in place. So we are relieved that it is finally happening!

However, there is also a certain sadness to the occasion.

Our school opened in 2001. There were just six prefabs, and a small office. Over the years, the prefabs were extended as the school population expanded rapidly.

But the prefabs remained at the very heart of our growing school community, and we have wonderful memories of those early days.

As myself and Ms. Moran stood out on the yard watching the demolition, we remembered the good times we shared there, the children, parents, SNAs and teachers who we worked with- those still with us, and those sadly with us no more.

A poignant start to the week, indeed!


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