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Wellbeing Friday

This Friday is Wellbeing Friday in our school

Here’s what it’s about and why we are getting involved!

Amber Flag

This day has been organised as part of our application for an Amber Wellbeing Flag, organised by Pieta House.

The Amber Flag initiative recognises the individual efforts of schools to create healthy, inclusive environments that support Mental Being.

To be awarded the Pieta House Amber Flag, applicants must:

  • host a mental health event (Wellbeing Day),

  • a fundraiser (Amber Day in aid of Pieta House)

  • and mental health initiative

Wellbeing Committee

We have a School Wellbeing made up of members of staff and pupils in the school.

Each class has nominated two Wellbeing Class Reps to the committee.

They have been have been busy designing a menu of whole school activities, staff activities and a menu of class activities for wellbeing day.

Activities organised on Wellbeing Friday

A sample of the activities on offer include:

  • Tracksuit Friday- staff and children are asked to wear their tracksuits to school this Friday

  • Test Free Friday- we are asking teachers not to give any class tests this week.

  • Dance classes with Yaz throughout the day

  • Amber Flag Board: Our Positive Affirmation Board in the foyer

  • Whole School Mindfulness Sessions

  • ‘Pizza’ Massages

  • Outside activities, including:

  • Marathon Kids

  • Mindful Walks

  • Whole-school Assembly and Dance

We hope that, by celebrating Mindful Friday, we will be able to help our children to become resilient, happy and content both at home and in school.

We wish everyone well on the day!


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