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Work you can do at home!

Below is a Menu of Activites which pupils may like to engage with in the coming days. There are lots of ideas and areas to explore. Try a range of these activites- We hope you enjoy them!



  • Read a Book: Take time at home to sit down, curl up and enjoy reading. It will pass away the hours in a world filled with imagination, adventure, surprise. If you’ve never bought a comic book- try one out- there’s lots of fun and adventure on every page!

  • Write a letter: Practice your handwriting and cheer-up someone you love by writing a letter! It’s one of the nicest ways to keep in contact with someone, and will definitely brighten their day.

  • Genius Hour Project:

Create a new Genius Hour Project using:

Link to Kindle


Link to DK Findout

  • Read Theory: Continue reading at the level you are at.

Link to Read Theory

  • Typing: Learn how to type using Create you own account at:

Link to

  • Creative Writing: create your own story – you can enter your story into our Mr. Gannon Annual Creative Writing Competition early.

  • Word Games: Play some word games on

Link to Wordgames



  • Writing: create your own Comic Strip story.

  • TV: watch Irish Programmes on Cúla4:

Link to Cula



  • Mental Maths: Practice your tables: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Master Your Maths: try to complete the activities your teacher assigned.

  • Games: Try some activities on this website: