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Work you can do at home!

Below is a Menu of Activites which pupils may like to engage with in the coming days. There are lots of ideas and areas to explore. Try a range of these activites- We hope you enjoy them!



  • Read a Book: Take time at home to sit down, curl up and enjoy reading. It will pass away the hours in a world filled with imagination, adventure, surprise. If you’ve never bought a comic book- try one out- there’s lots of fun and adventure on every page!

  • Write a letter: Practice your handwriting and cheer-up someone you love by writing a letter! It’s one of the nicest ways to keep in contact with someone, and will definitely brighten their day.

  • Genius Hour Project:

Create a new Genius Hour Project using:

Link to Kindle


Link to DK Findout

  • Read Theory: Continue reading at the level you are at.

Link to Read Theory

  • Typing: Learn how to type using Create you own account at:

Link to

  • Creative Writing: create your own story – you can enter your story into our Mr. Gannon Annual Creative Writing Competition early.

  • Word Games: Play some word games on

Link to Wordgames



  • Writing: create your own Comic Strip story.

  • TV: watch Irish Programmes on Cúla4:

Link to Cula



  • Mental Maths: Practice your tables: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Master Your Maths: try to complete the activities your teacher assigned.

  • Games: Try some activities on this website:

Link to Maths Fun

  • Games: Play your mental maths games on Countdown!

Link to Countdown Maths

  • Coding: Create something new and try your coding:

Link to



  • Use your free time to draw, sketch, paint, mould, make, create and design……just make sure to clean up after you!!

  • Art Competition: create your own piece of art – you can enter your piece into our Annual Art Competition early in memory of our friend Aaron.



  • There are lots of websites that you can access where you can discover and learn- there’s something there for every interest! One of the best resources for children in Ireland is Scoilnet. You can view content for every part of the curriculum, using the search and filter arrows on the home page. The website is available at:

Link to Scoilnet

  • For example, you can learn about lots of new and interesting people in history. For example you can learn about Florence Nightingale at:

Link to Florence Nightingale

If you are curious about the world and wonder why things are the way they are, why not visit:

Link to Wonderopolis!

There is a world of discovery for anyone interested in Science at:

Link to Sciencekids


National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids have an excellent source of online materials for you to explore, whether you have an interest in Animals, Science, History or Geography.

For History, click:

Link to National Geographic History

For Science, click:

Link to National Geographic Science

For Geography, click:

Link to National Geographic Geography

If you are interested in animals, click:

Link to National Geographic Animals


Confirmation Preparation:

The songs for 6th Class children preparing for confirmation are on the school’s website. Take some time to listen and practice your songs at home. The link is here:

Link to Confirmation Songs


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