Remembering Kerri Behan

February 6, 2020

This week in Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School, we will be marking the first anniversary of the death of our beloved Kerri Behan. 




Kerri’s classmates, who are now in Ms. Patricia  Dunne’s class, have been working on a beautiful mosaic in her memory.


The theme they have chosen for the mosaic is very apt- Be Kerri Kind, and we look forward to presenting it to the entire school during Friendship Week next week.



Friendship Week

As a school, we have decided to celebrate Friendship Week in memory of Kerri on an annual basis. This is a fitting tribute to Kerri’s warm and caring personality. We will be reminding children to Be Kerri Kind and exploring with them different ways to show this kindness to others.


School Mass  

Our Mass for Catholic  Schools Week takes place this Thursday the 6th February in Littlepace. We will be remembering Kerri a special way at this Mass.

Kerri’s anniversary Mass

Kerri’s first anniversary Mass will take place on Saturday morning, the 8th February, in the church in Littlepace at 11:30am. The school choir will sing at the Mass and Kerri’s class will be involved in the prayers of the faithful.


We are holding Kerri very close to our hearts this week- in our thoughts, our prayers and our reflections. 


May her good and gentle soul rest in peace.




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