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Frienship Week 2021

Dear parents,

I hope that you are all well and that your family had a good week-end.

I have sent the activities for the week ahead on Aladdin, along with a video message for your child. Please share it with them when you get the chance.

Friendship Week in the School

As I said in the message on Friday, this week Friendship Week in our school, where we celebrate the joy of friendship and connection with others. Many of the activities in your child’s weekly plan this week are centred on Friendship Week.

We are dedicating the activities of Friendship Week to the memory of our past pupil, Kerri Behan who died on the 9th February, 2019. The theme for the week is ‘Be Kerri Kind’ and this message is picked up throughout the week.

Our special virtual service in Kerri’s memory will be shown on Tuesday morning at 11am, The link to the service will be on the school website:

Class Zoom Meeting

Also, as part of Friendship Week, we are also organizing a special Zoom Meeting for each class, where children and their teachers can have a virtual chat. We have drawn up a timetable for these meetings, which is attached.

We have drawn up a set of rules ahead of our Friendship Week Class Zoom Meetings, and I have included a short instructional video for our pupils on the rules of these meetings in today’s video message.

We hope that pupils enjoy the planned activities for Friendship Week.

Take care and continue to stay safe.

Enda McGorman



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