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Minister O’Gorman's Visit to the School

Minister O’Gorman's Visit to the School

17th September, 2021

Today, we were delighted to welcome Roderic O’Gorman, T.D., Minster for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth to the school.

The Minster was anxious to hear from us how we are managing to keep the school open during Covid and the challenges we are facing. After meeting Mr. McGorman and Ms. Fitzpatrick, the Minister visited each of the four 6th Classes in the school to speak to the children and to hear their views and concerns on issues that matter to them.

Each class invited the Minister to speak on his priorities for the different aspects of his brief, as follows:

Ms. Leech’s Class: Youth Affairs

Mr. Curtin’s Class: Disability

Ms. Clerkin’s Class: Equality

Mr. Nolan’s Class: Children

Following his input, the children asked the Minister a number of questions on the topic, including their own areas of concern that they feel should be addressed.

We were very proud at the interest and attention the children gave to the Minister as well as their probing questions.

They were particularly anxious to hear from the Minister his views on the extension of the Community Centre, which is long overdue!

Before leaving, the Minister recorded a message of goodwill to the entire school community, which is shared below!



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