Principal's Welcome

Mary, Mother of Hope National School was established in 2001. It is a co-educational school and the patron is the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin.  In 2008, the school split into Junior and Senior schools. In the current year, we have 466 pupils on roll with sixteen classes in all; four Third Classes, four Fourth Classes, four Fifth Classes and four Sixth Classes.

Enda McGorman, Principal

We are particularly pleased that in 2014, our school campus was enhanced by the addition of an All-Weather pitch, a new library and four support rooms, which were provided in the Gannon Tower.

Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National school provides an environment where all of our children are cherished and respected and can reach their full potential in a safe and caring atmosphere. In a constantly changing society it is vital that children’s personal development, health and wellbeing are nurtured.

The school values and promotes a harmonious environment which nurtures the potential of each child to become a productive member of the school community. The school also promotes co-operation between staff-members, B.O.M., the Parents Association, parents and pupils.

We have assembled an information booklet to familiarise parents with the policies and practices of the Senior school. We hope that in doing this we can help you as parents- the primary educators of your children- to support us in the important task of educating your children. We do not take for granted that you have chosen to send your child to our school, and we hope that, together, we can work in partnership to ensure that each child gains the maximum benefit of their time in our school.

As our community in Littlepace/Castaheany continues to grow, I hope that our school can provide a focus around which the community can also continue to develop. I urge all parents to take an active part in their children’s education and to work with us in building Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School as a centre of excellence for our children.

Once again, welcome to our school!

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