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Internet Safety Seminar for Parents

Both schools are holding a special focus on Internet Safety this month.

This includes specialist training for pupils, parents and teachers.

This week, we have organised workshops for our pupils for 2nd to 6th class on the topic of Internet Safety.

On Wednesday after school, the staff of both schools will have a seminar on the topic.

On Wednesday evening, we will hold a special Internet Safety Seminar for parents of pupils in both the Junior and Senior Schools. It will be held in the Junior School Hall @ 7.30pm.

The seminar will discuss topics such as Online gaming, Cyberbullying, Stranger/Danger, Social media and much more.

It is vital that at least one parent attend the seminar, so that we can ensure that our children are safe and protected at all times while they are online.

We look forward to seeing you there,


Alma Moran Enda McGorman

Principal Principal

Junior School Senior school

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