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An Extra Little Chromosome



Well done to Amber McCord in Ms O’Brien’s 3rd Class.

Amber has a brother with Down Syndrome and she helped our school today to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Amber shared the poem ‘An Extra Little Chromosome’ with the whole school.

Amber read ‘An Extra Little Chromosome’ over the intercom.

Amber also shared the reason that Down Syndrome Awareness Day is a ‘Lots of Socks’ Day with all our school: Chromosomes are shaped like socks.



On Down Syndrome Awareness Day, we wear bright, colourful, mismatched socks to start a conversation, so when people ask us about our socks, we can tell them, “I’m wearing them to raise awareness of Down Syndrome” and we can tell them everything we want them to know about Down Syndrome.

We hope you enjoy the poem Amber shared today.


An Extra Little Chromosome

An extra little chromosome

That’s all it is you see.

Where all of you were born with two

I was blessed with three.


Down Syndrome as most call it

Trisomy 21, if you please.

This extra little chromosome

Makes some differences you see.


I love to run and sing and dance,

And tease my teachers too.

But when it comes to schoolwork,

It’s hard for me to do.


I need a little extra help,

As many of you do.

With all my friends and your support,

I know I’ll make it through.


Just be my friend,

And I’ll be yours.

It’s as simple as can be.

Remember, you were born with two,

 and I was blessed with three.


Author Unknown




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