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Good Hand Hygiene- Tips for everyone!

Good Hand Hygiene- Tips for everyone!

I want to ask for everyone’s co-operation with regard to good hand hygiene in the school.

The HSE has recommended that regular hand washing is one of the best preventative measures we have at our disposal. This advice applies to all of us: staff and children.

Teaching children how to wash their hands properly!

The following link from the HSE illustrates the importance of washing the entire surface of the hands: please share it with your classes and demonstrate it to them in groups as well!

Encourage the children to teach this at home to the siblings/parents/grandparents etc.

Follow the link here and scroll down to view the demonstration video:

Washing hands regularly in school

In order to ensure good hand hygiene in classrooms, it is recommended that, as a minimum, we establish the following hand washing routines:

  • On Arrival, as children start the day, each child is asked to wash their hands and dry them carefully

  • Before eating at small break

  • Before eating at big break

In addition, children should wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom or if they sneeze or cough into their hands.

Hand Towel

Each child is required to bring a small hand towel with them to school each day, so that they can dry their hands thoroughly. This towel should be replaced by parents on a regular basis, in order to ensure continued good hand hygiene.

We are not trying to dramatize, or to frighten, but to teach establish a practice with children that they should continue to use outside of school.

We ask for the co-operation of the entire school community in this regard.


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