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Confirmation Preparations

Dear Parents,

I that you are well ahead of confirmation tomorrow. The children have worked so hard this week in their final preparations

and you can be very proud of them!

There are a few final things to bring to your attention:

  • Time: Confirmation takes place in St. Ciaran’s Church, Hartstown, at 11 o’clock. Candidates preparing for confirmation are asked to be in the church for 10:30am, in order to ensure that they are dressed in their robes and that they and their sponsors are seated in their correct positions for the start of the Mass.

  • Fitting of Robes: The fitting of the robes will take place in Hartstown Community Centre, next to the church. The fitting room is upstairs in the community centre. As space is very tight in the fitting room and the staircase is narrow, only one parent is asked to accompany each chid to fit the robes.

  • Removing robes before eating! Once the confirmation Mass is over, refreshments will be served in the Community Centre. There will be a space in the corner of the main hall of the centre for the return of the confirmation robes- children should make sure to return their robes before having anything to eat.

  • Seating arrangements: The confirmation candidates will be seated in the centre aisles of the church. Their sponsors will be seated in the rows behind them. The remaining seating is reserved for parents only. We would ask parents to understand that we cannot accommodate other guests, including brothers and sisters, in the church and would appreciate your co-operation in this regard. The service will be at least an hour and a half in duration.

  • Use of cameras: The use of cameras and video recording equipment is not permitted in the church during the service. There will be ample opportunity for photographs at the end of the service. Please inform sponsors of this policy!

  • Parking arrangements: There is very limited parking in the church carpark and it will fill up very quickly. Parents are advised to park in the EuroSpar carpark next to the church so as to avoid congestion on the morning.

We are very grateful to everyone in Hartstown who have been so co-operative and helpful to us in the past week as we have prepared for the celebration of confirmation in their parish. We hope that, after all of the hard work, things go just as well tomorrow!

Wishing you every good wish and looking forward to seeing you there.

Enda McGorman 24th March, 2017

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