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Senior School Action Team Partnership (ATP)  Update

As you know, Mary Mother of Hope SNS Action Team Partnership(ATP) Committee was set up last year in our school. We work closely with the National Parents' Council (NPC) and the Irish Primary Principals' Network (IPPN) who have introduced this initiative to schools in Ireland.

Our ATP committee provides us with a wonderful opportunity for teachers, support staff, parents, pupils and community members to work together. Our aim is to discuss the current work of the school and to find ways of supporting it. We focus on four areas for development: two curricular, one behavioural and one which ensures that the school is a welcoming place.

Earlier this week, we presented our new Building Bridges of Understanding Booklet which has been designed by our Action Team Partnership this year. We hope that parents find it an interesting and helpful resource.

Our next area of focus is continuing to develop our yard spaces and developing the visual impact of the school with new landscaping and planting. Watch this space!!

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