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The Linked-In programme for 3rd class pupils

We are delighted at how well our children are settling in to Third Class.

In order to further welcome them to the school, we have developed the Linked-In programme. This gives the pupils in Third the chance to meet with and get to know the older children in the school.

Each class group will be paired with a 6th class group for the activities. These include class-based activities and fun, physical activities and games on the Astro pitch.

When the older and younger pupils are together, they share their common interests, get to know each other and learn about their favourite things.

The older children will share their experiences of the senior school, and will also be able to talk to the younger children about their favourite things in the senior school, and answer any questions, concerns or worries they may have.

This has been very successful in previous years and we wish all the classes well this time round!

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