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School Sports Activities

Dear Parent(s)

As you know, the school has a very strong sporting tradition and we are justifiably proud of our achievements over the years.

We seek to offer all pupils in the school opportunities to participate in as many different sporting activities as possible. The aim is to give pupils a solid introduction to different sports, and to encourage them to pursue these in their own time.

Over the years, we have had built strong relationships with many different sporting organizations, who come to the school and offer training to pupils as part of our PE programme. These include Gaelic Games, Soccer, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Cycling and Aquatics.

Gaelic Training After Mid-Term Break

Erin Go Bragh have appointed a full-time Games Promotion Officer, who will offer supports to schools in the area. He will be working in the Senior School in the week immediately after mid-term break. He will offer support to all classes and also to all the school Football panels. Children should weaer tracksuits on the days on which their training will take place. Please note these:

Monday the 6th November: 3rd Class and Senior Boys Panel

Tuesday the 7th: 4th Class and Junior Boys Panel

Wednesday the 8th: Junior and Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Football Panels

Thursday the 9th: 5th Class and Senior Girls Panel

Friday the 10th : 6th Class and Junior Girls Panel

Cycling Safety for 5th Class

Cycling safety will be offered to pupils in 5th class. This is an excellent programme, which runs over eight weeks. Pupils will get the opportunity to learn about cycling safety, improve their cycling skills and learn the rules of the road in a safe environment. The programme is heavily subsidized and costs €8 per pupil. This can be paid via the school’s on-line payment programme. A text will be sent to 5th class parents tomorrow.

Swimming Lessons for all classes

Due to personnel changes in the Aquatics Centre, they were unable to offer us swimming lessons this term. However, yesterday I received confirmation that all swimming lessons will be provided in term two. I will let parents know the exact details closer to the time.

We hope that by engaging in physical activity that is both challenging and enjoyable here in school, we will help develop a positive attitude towards physical fitness across our community. We ask all parents to support us in this endeavor!

Enda McGorman, 26th October, 2017

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