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Catholic School's Week

This week has been designated Catholic Schools Week across all catholic schools in the country.

It is a chance for us in Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School to reflect on our school and to celebrate its uniqueness and its strengths.

Our school was established by the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin in 2001. Some seventeen years later, we can ask the question what difference it actually makes that we are a Catholic school? What does it mean to us in our community to have a Catholic school at the heart of it? How different would it be if we did not have the support of Fr. George and the entire parish team to support us in our work in the school?

Catholic schools have a long tradition of supporting and developing the communities in which they operate. This happens from generation to generation, with traditions being established and passed on. Since we were established, this school has tried to place itself at the heart of our community. As a Catholic school, we are very proud of our Catholic ethos and seek to develop this in all aspects of the life of the school.

Theme for Catholic Schools Week

Each day this week, we reflect on a different theme, all centred around the Family of Families:

Monday: Our Family at Home

Tuesday: Our School Family

Wednesday: Grandparents: A Special Part of Our Family

Thursday: Our Parish Family

Friday: Our World Family

Today, we celebrated a whole-school Mass, with a focus on the theme of our school as a family of learners. Please reflect on these themes at home with your children in the coming days.


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