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Kerri’s Krazy Hat Day

Kerri’s Krazy Hat Day

Dear parents and guardians,

We are writing to you to let you know about a special day we are having in school next Friday, the 15th June, Kerri’s Krazy Hat Day!

Kerri is a beautiful, vibrant, energetic and friendly nine-year-old girl, who is in now in Third class in the Senior School.

She is a big sister to Emma and daughter to Anita & Paul. When Kerri was 14 months old she developed leukaemia and fought the illness on 3 occasions. Having been in remission for nearly five years, recent tests revealed that the leukaemia is back.

Kerri is back in the hospital and receiving treatment. Kerri’s family and friends are supporting her and in particular, her mum and dad who are staying by her bedside, spending as much time as possible with her in hospital.

As a school community we have decided to show our solidarity with Kerri, by holding a Krazy Hat Day in the school on Friday. Kerri loves fashion, and colour and bling, so the brighter and the crazier the hat, the better!!

The broader community also wish to support Anita & Paul in their care for Kerri. They have set up a special website where members of the public can make a donation through a secure payment area. This offers parents a very practical way of showing support to the family in this difficult time. Just type into the address bar for further details!

We hope that by holding the Kerri’s Krazy Hat Day, we will be able to show Kerri how much her school community love her and support her and wish the very best for her!

We know that you will join us in wishing her the very best for a full and speedy recovery.

Almama Moran Enda McGorman Principals

Mary, MOther of Hope Schools


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