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Health and Safety on the campus

Please co-operate with us in esuring that the Health and Safety of everyone on the campus is at the centre of all that we do.


All parents visiting either the Senior or Junior schools are asked to park in the new parking provided at the Erin go Bragh end of the campus. The inside gates should be kept closed at all times and are only to be used for staff access to the Junior school. Parking before school starts or at the end of the school day is not permitted, unless with the prior principal of school management.

Parents visiting the school:

All parents visitng the school should go to the reception area and wait their for the secretary or another member of staff to assist them. Please do not go to your child's classroom. This area is reserved for school personnel only.

Sensory Garden:

The Sensory Garden is a welcome addition to our school and provides us with a wonderful amenity that can be enjoyed by all. We have recently had the garden upgraded and it is looking very well. In order to keep the garden looking its best, there are a few basic rules we would ask everyone to observe: please stay on the pathway in the garden and stay out of the wood chippings. Walk at all times through the garden, and lastly, no climbing on benches. Parents of small children are asked to ensure that they are supervised at all times inside the school grounds, especially around the garden.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their support in this new school-year. We wish your children a very happy and productive year ahead.


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