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Parent Contribution

Parent Contribution towards the running of the school

As you know, each year we ask parents of children in the school to make a financial contribution towards the running of the school.

This voluntary contribution is a huge help to each school in meeting many costs involved in keeping our schools going. These include the cost of parallel readers, photocopying, art materials, standardised tests, report cards and classroom materials.

We are very aware that in these financially stressful times, families are under huge financial pressure. We therefore appreciate all the more the support we get from our parents through this contribution. We would like to thank everyone who has already paid the contribution.

Today, we sent home a copy of the contribution form for parents who may have misplaced it over the Summer. Parents may wish to pay the contributions in instalments if they would prefer.

Payments can also be made on the school’s e-payment system or in cash to the office.

As you will see, the contribution can be made to either the Junior school or the Senior School, and is payable at the rate of:

- €70 for a single child

- €110 for two or more children in either school

Many thaks for your on-going genorosity and support!

Enda McGorman



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