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Opening of Mick Dunne Walk Way

Opening of Mick Dunne Walk Way

Dear parents,

As you know, over the past weeks we have completed the construction of a Walk Way from the Shopping Centre into the school yard.

This Walk Way has been planned for many years and has been long awaited by the entire school community.

One of the strongest supporters of opening the Walk Way was our local butcher who was also a parent in the school, Mr. Mick Dunne. The entire community in Littlepace was shocked and deeply saddened at Mick’s untimely death in February of this year.

It is therefore, only right and fitting that we have decided to name the Walk Way in his honour.

On Thursday of this week, the 20th September, at 12:45, Mick’s wife Yvonne, family and friends, members of the school community and local shop owners will meet at the entrance to the gate for the official opening of the Walk Way. We will then walk down the Walk Way onto the school campus. Refreshments will be provided in the Senior School hall.

We would be delighted to invite parents to come along on the day to be part of the occasion.

We hope that the provision of this amenity will ensure the safety of all the children coming to and leaving the school. We will write to you later in the week in relation to the operation of the Walk Way.

Alma Moran Enda McGorman

Principal Principal

Junior School Senior school

18th September, 2018


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