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Congratulations to our Winning Quiz Team!

A huge congratulations to the children from 5th class who took part in the Europe Direct Information Centre quiz, in Blanchardstown Library.

The quiz was organised to promote awareness of our shared European identity and heritage amonf primary school children.

The challenging quiz content covered topics varying from History, Geography, Languages and Science to The Arts and SPHE.

There was tight competition, but our children from 5th class proved strongest and emerged as worthy winners.

Well done to Emmi, Liam, Jude and Cian!

As well as winning a trophy, the first prize also included a visit to the school of the Big Bear Planetarium, which all classes will get to see- it is a terrific prize, so well done to the children and to Angela and Mr. O'Cearra who prepared and accompanied the children on the day!

We are very proud of you all!


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