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Action Team Partnership Committee 2018/2019

About our ATP

The Senior School, in conjunction with the National Parents' Council (NPC) and the Irish Primary Principals' Network (IPPN) established our first Action Team Partnership Committee in early 2016.

Action Team Partnership (ATP) is an American initiative which aims to establish a committee to enhance the educational opportunities provided by the school. Members of the school staff, parents, pupils and people from the local community meet and work together in partnership.

This partnership gives all members the opportunity to work together to support the work of the school. Yearly goals and targets are set to support learning in two curriculum areas, a behavioural area and in making the school a more welcoming place.

Our ATP Goals

Our 2018/19 ATP committee met first in December and decided to actively pursue the four goals for the school year 2018/19. We have been working hard on these since December and have included a current update on our progress in achieving the goals overleaf.

We will continue to work hard during the school year to achieve our goals. Please enjoy our achievements to date -visit our school website to see our Class Blogs. We would also ask all parents to complete our survey on the school website so that we can improve accessibility and information for parents on the school website. Please take part in the survey by following the link sent by school text today.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like any further information on the work our ATP Committee.

Calling all Gardening Experts!

If there are any parents who would be willing to share their gardening expertise to help develop Goal 4, please contact Ms. Áine Fitzpatrick.

Thanking you,

Kind regards,

The Action Team Partnership Committee 2018/19

9th April.2019


Action Team Partnership Committee Goals 2018/2019

Goal 1

To support children’s learning and parental understanding of new Mathematical Operation Concepts by creating videos of New Mathematical Operations for the school website.

Current Update: Children are currently collaborating on these videos and they will be available to view after the Easter holidays.

Goal 2

Digital Literacy: Each class will have a monthly Class Blog on the school website

Current Update: Please see our school website for our March Class Blogs. Our class bloggers are actively working on our April Class Blogs and they will be available on our website this week,

Goal 3

To develop positive family interaction and engagement with the school website: Create family accessible pages to include a Parent’s Page.

Current Update: The ATP committee has developed a parental survey on Parental website use. Please take part in the survey by following the link sent by school text today.

Goal 4

To develop and landscape the wasteland area at the end of the 5th and 6th class yard following the recent opening of Mick’s Way.

Current Update: We have contacted a number of local garden centers for help and advice on developing the wasteland area.


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