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Diabetes Awareness Film

Today is World Diabetes Awareness Day.

Three of our pupils with diabetes wish to raise awareness on Type 1 Diabetes. They are:

  • Jude Clancy in Ms. Leech’s class

  • Darragh Jennings in Ms. Boyle’s class

  • Evie McGowan in Ms. CLerkin’s class

They have made a short film in which they explain all about Type One Diabetes.

It is all their work- they researched it, wrote the script and practiced at home- it is a credit to them!

They have shown the film to all classes in the school this morning.

They have also visited classes to answer any questions that children may have.

We have attached a link to the film below.

We hope you enjoy it!

Well done Darragh, Jude and Evie, we are incredibly proud of you!


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