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School Closed this Thursday the 28th for Staff Training

Reminder that both schools will be closed this Thursday the 28th for staff training on the Primary Languages Curriculum.

Further infomration on the Curriculum is provided below:


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment have produced an information leaflet for parents on the new Primary Languages Curriculum, which is attached below.

The launch of a new curriculum is a very exciting time for all, and we urge all parents to read the document which explains the key features of the new curriculum.

The new curriculum for English and Irish is for all children from junior infants to sixth class in all schools.

The curriculum is changing so that it is up-to-date with the times we live in, with developments in language learning and the introduction of the Free Preschool Years.

Since the last curriculum (1999), society and communities have changed greatly, as has your child’s learning environment. Teachers say they would like more guidance on the best ways to help children in their language learning. Thanks to research, we now know more about how children learn to speak, read and write and how to help them make progress in ways that are well suited to their learning needs.

For further information, click on the curriculum icon:


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