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Don't let Social Media Amplify 'Fake News!'

To all parents and guardians,

I hope you are keeping well and safe. So much has happened in a such a small space of time.

Social Media has been very useful for communities to stay in touch with each other, maintain solidarity and friendships at a distance and keep people in good spirits in troubling times.

And this is something we should continue to do.

However social media has also been the breeding ground for all sorts if mis-information, with the dreaded 'fake-news'in full sway.

This has ranged from voice messages from 'authoritative sources' in the gardai and defence forces, to named medics, doctors and other experts.

These have been roundly denied by the same sources. But not only do they put out mis-information that is factually incorrect, at times the advice can be dangerously mistaken.

It can also lead to panic, upset and stress for individuals and families- with the young and the elderly being particularly upset by it.

There is much talk about how we can support each other as communities through difficult times. And we will all need that support in the weeks ahead. On-line communities can and should be part of that support.

Our social media groups can be a real support when they stay positive, stick to facts and when we continue to cheer each other up- humour is a great tonic!

But can I suggest that, in our social media groups, we stick to that and make a commitment to each other not to contribute to the spread and amplify 'fake news'.

Take care everyone and continue to support each other with a smile!!


Take care everyone and continue to support each other with a smile!!

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