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Changes to the School Admissions Policy

To all parents .

I wish to bring to your attention changes to the school’s enrolment Policy, which will now be called the School Admission policy.

Reason for the Changes

These changes arise as a result of legislation passed in the Education (Admission to School) Act of 2018.

Draft Policy to be drawn up by board of management

The new School Admission policy will not come into effect until the 2021/22 school year. However, the Department of Education and Skills has asked school boards to begin the process of drawing up their draft school Admission Policy this year.

I have sent the draft policy to all parents on Aladdin Connect for your information and consideration.

What is similar in the new document?

There are very few material differences between the school’s current annual Enrolment Policy and the proposed Admission’s policy:

  • The catchment area remains the same

  • The enrolment criteria remains the same

  • The right of transfer from 2nd class in the Junior School to 3rd class in the Senior School remains the same.

What is different in the new document?

There are some differences, however, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. These include:

  • An admissions statement (Section 4 of the draft policy)

  • Declaration in relation to the noncharging of fees (Section 16 of the draft policy)

  • Arrangements regarding students not attending religious instruction (Section 17 of the draft policy)

  • The review/appeals process (Section 18 of the draft policy)

  • The Annual Admission Notice (Appendix 2 of the draft policy)

Consultation Process

Boards of management are asked to engage in a consultation process with parents and teachers.

The board of management would welcome your comments on the proposed policy, by emailing and referencing Draft Admission Policy in the subject heading.

Yours sincerely,

Enda McGorman,


Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School


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