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Need for Parental Vigilance during Mid-Term Break

Dear parents,

We are approaching the end of our first half-term in school. As we do so, it is with a sense of both relief and gratitude- both in equal measure!

Close Encounters with Covid-19

As you know we have a number of encounters with Covid-19 since we opened, but happily, none of these resulted in further cases of transmission, which is indeed a relief.

Gratitude to the School Staff

We are very grateful to all the staff who worked so hard to open the school safely at the beginning of the school year. We are also grateful for their ongoing commitment and determination to ensure that school continues to be a safe place for children and staff to work and learn together.

High Rates of Covid-19 in our Community

Needless to say, we continue to be very alarmed at the high rates of Covid-19 infection and transmission in our wider community. The entire country has been placed into the highest level of alert, Level 5, and will remain at that level for the next six weeks at a minimum. This measure is in place to ensure the protection of everyone.

There is no doubt that we are facing into a very perilous time in our community. The rate of increase in the spread of Covid-19 must be brought right down, and this must happen now. If it continues to escalate at the current rate of transmission, it is surely only a matter of time before the continued safe operation of schools is called into question.

Need for Parental Vigilance during Mid-Term Break

As our children go home for the mid-term break, we are very anxious to ensure that they continue to be safe and protected. In order for this to happen, we are asking parents to continue to make very difficult decisions:

  • To stick to public health advice

  • Not to organise visits to other households

  • Not to organise sleep-overs or play dates with other households

  • Not to travel beyond a 5km radius from home

  • Adults wearing face coverings, as required

  • Continuing to encourage good hand hygiene and respiratory health among all members of the household

We need to have everyone on board!

These public health guidelines are there for the protection of all of us. They are there to keep each member of our community safe and well.

Yes, they are difficult and yes, they are challenging for all of us. However, if we do not commit to following them- each and every one of us- it will mean giving in to the increased transmission of the virus, and allowing it to go un-checked throughout our community. This cannot be allowed to happen.

We want to appeal to you all, as our partners in the education of our precious young people, to take every step possible to drive down the transmission of the virus.

We want to re-discover the sense of solidarity that was there in the months of March and April when we were all in this together.

Please, please adhere to the guidelines, keep your children safe during the Halloween period, and in doing this, help to ensure that our schools remain open and safe for everyone.

Alma Moran Enda McGorman


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