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6th Class Graduation

Dear parents,

As the end of the school year draws near, we are turning our attention to the graduation of our 6th class pupils.

The staff and pupil are equally delighted that the graduation ceremony will take place in person, face-to-face and with parents, teachers and pupils all together for the first time in three years!

Details of Date and Time:

The graduation itself will take place on Tuesday the 28th June, which will also be their last day in Mary Mother of Hope Senior National School.

The Graduation Ceremony will begin at 11am, and will last approx. 1½ hours, including refreshments afterwards.

Limited Capacity of School Hall

As the graduation is in the Community Centre, we have to have a strict limit on the numbers attending on the morning of the graduation.

With over 100 pupils involved, we will only be able to invite the parents of the graduating children. We will not be able to accommodate other family members- either siblings or grandparents. We would ask for the full co-operation of everyone in this regard.

We wish the children in 6th class the very best in their final week in the Senior School. It has been our pleasure to accompany them over the past four years- through very challenging and difficult times, but also through fun and exciting times as well. We hope that their final days in the Senior School will be enjoyable and memorable. I will write to you nearer the time with further details of their graduation.

Best wishes,

Enda McGorman



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