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Book Rental Scheme 2022/23 for incoming 3rd Class

Book Rental Scheme 2022/23

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope that you are keeping well ahead of the Summer holidays and that you enjoyed yesterday’s graduation ceremony in the Junior School.

The booklist for the new school year has been uploaded onto the school website at the following link:

We are pleased that our Book Rental scheme has been such a huge success over the years and are delighted to offer it to all parents again for the 2022/23 school-year.

What Books are Available?

The following books will be included in the book rental scheme:

Planet Maths Text Book,

Reading Zone English Reader,

Bun Go Barr Irish text book,


World Atlas

History and Geography text books

Homework Journal

Grow In Love Religion Book (where applicable),

The scheme will cost €30 for pupils in 3rd class.

We anticipate that this scheme will be of huge benefit to parents and will significantly reduce the cost of school books. We did a comparison of the costs of buying these books for each year in the senior school and compares it to the cost of renting them. This comparison has shown that parents could save over €300 per child. We urge all parents to give serious consideration to joining the scheme, and are happy to clarify any questions parents may have.

School Books that are NOT covered in the Book Rental Scheme

In addition to the books listed above, which are part of the Book Rental scheme, there are a number of additional workbooks that parents need to purchase for their children. These are:

Ceartlitriú Irish Spelling Book Handwriting Workbook Book

Spellbound/Spelling Workbook Master your Maths

Special Programme for Purchase of Books due to Covid-19

For the past two years, due to Covid-19, we offered to buy all the book for children. There was a huge take-up from this offer and we are pleased that we will be offering this again for the next school-year.

The school will offer to provide pupils with all the books they need for the new school year for the sum of €70.

This includes:

  • Access to the Book Rental Scheme for the Year

  • The 4 additional workbooks listed above

  • 10 Copies, 2 Sum copies, A ring binder

What do I need to do next?

You will receive a request to join the scheme, via the school’s online app Aladdin Connect permissions. You must respond to this by Tuesday next the 5th July.

If you choose to join, you will then receive an online Payment Request from Aladdin Connect. This money can be paid in two stages:

  • €35 initially, followed by €35

or €70 in payment in full.

If you do not wish to take part in the scheme, you will need to purchase all of the books on the Book List, which will be sent to you separately.

We would urge all parents to join the Book Rental Scheme and to avail of this special facility. Please contact us if you have any queries in this regard.

Enda McGorman,


Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School,

29th June, 2022



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