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Easter Movie Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This Friday the school closes for a half-day at 12 noon for the Easter holidays.

On the day, the children from 6th class are organising a “Movie Day” this Friday, 31st March to help raise money towards their end of year tour to Carlingford.

On Friday, the classrooms will turn into a “cinema” where the children can watch a movie with their friends!

Children can pre-order some treats from their teacher, for an additional cost, if they wish. For €1 children will get:

- a bag of popcorn,

- a small bar

- and a package of jellies/lollipop.

Children will be collecting money and taking orders ahead of Friday.

The Venue: Senior School

The Cost: €2 for cinema (Treats €1 additional)

The children from 6th class would really appreciate your support.

Thanks for your co-operation,

Ms. Greene/Leyden, Mr.Nolan, Ms.Horan and Ms.Leech.

6th Class Teachers



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