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Enrolment Mass for Confirmation

Dear parents,

I hope that you are all well and that your children are settling in to their final year in Mary Mother of Hope Senior National School.

Confirmation Preparation

This year marks a very busy year for the children as they prepare to make the sacrament of confirmation.

Last night, parents were invited to a meeting with the parish team to register their children for the parish confirmation program.

You will have been informed at that meeting that confirmation from Mary Mother of Hope Senior National School will take place on the 2nd March, 2024 in the church in Huntstown.

Masses for Confirmation

You will also have been given information in relation to a number of Masses that will be celebrated throughout the year, to help your child prepare for their confirmation.

The first of these family masses takes place this Sunday the 1st October at 10:00am in St. Philip’s Church, Mountview.

This Mass will be the formal enrolment ceremony for the confirmation children, and all children preparing for their confirmation are expected to attend this Mass. Please take note of the time and venue for the Mass:

Date: Sunday the 1st October

Time: 10:00am

Venue: St. Philip’s Church, Mountview.

We wish the children the very best on their faith journey ahead of their confirmation next year.

Best wishes,

Enda McGorman




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