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Final Confirmation Message

Dear parents,

I hope that you are all well ahead of our Celebration of Confirmation on tomorrow!

I just want to send a quick note out to all our past pupils to wish them well tomorrow- I know it has been long-awaited, and I hope that the day is a meaningful one for them all.

Just a few things to remind you of:

- Confirmation takes place in the Sacred Heart Church, Huntstown!

- There will be two Masses on the day, with two classes at each Mass, at the following times:

§ Ms. Horan’s class & Ms. Dunne’s class: 12 noon

§ Mr. Lally’s class & Ms. Greene/Molloy’s class: 2pm

- Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the service is due to begin

- Bring a Candle to the Mass! - preferably their Baptismal candle- but if it is not available a different candle will suffice.

- No more than 4 people in the Confirmation party:

o 1 Confirmation candidate

o 1 Sponsor

o 2 Parents

- No other family members can be facilitated in the church on the day, but the service can be viewed live on the church webcam at the following link:

- Masks must be worn by all adults present at all times inside the church, but it is not necessary for Confirmation candidates to wear a mask.

- Make sure that you have viewed the information video that I prepared for all receiving Confirmation. The link to the video is set out here:

It just remains for me to wish you all the very best on the day- we are all looking forward to seeing you and being part of your celebration!

Take care,

Enda McGorman



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