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Friendship Week 2024


This week in school is Friendship week and children are very busy in their classes.

Friendship Week gives our school an opportunity to highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining friendships, to discuss what happens when friendships break down and to give children opportunities to make new friends.

All Senior School classes were linked with classes in the Junior School for lots of fun activities.

3rd class read the beautiful story ‘Emilys Paint Box’ to the Junior Infants while 4th class played board games with Senior infants. .



5th class played Team Building games with Second class while 6th class created a board game with First class. Everyone enjoyed these activities!


Walk A Mile For Kerri's Smile


 On Friday morning, the focus of the day was on making new friends.  We had a very special day, when children from the Junior and Senior school walked together on their ‘Mile for Kerri’s Smile’.


Every child in a class in the Junior School was buddied up with a child in a class in the Senior School.


This was one of the highlights of Friendship Week, and was a very special way of bringing children the Junior and Senior schools together.

All of this was in memory of our dear past pupil Kerri Behan, whose fifth anniversary occurs this week.


Kerri Kindness’ Padlet

Our ‘Kerri Kindness’ Padlet has returned for another year. This showcases all the instances we show kindness to others – both in school and in our homes. If you wish to check it out, and maybe add your own post along with your child, please check it out here:

We remember Kerri very year during Friendship Week in the school and celebrate her warm smile and the sense of kindness which she radiated.



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