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Intercultural Exhibition: Calling All Parents

Dear parents,

Preparations for Mary Mother of Hope School’s Intercultural exhibition are well underway. As always, our Intercultural Exhibition will showcase the culture, history, geography, customs, food, clothes etc. of the many countries represented in our school.

Intercultural Exhibition: Calling All Parents

We are calling on all parents to become involved in this wonderful occasion for the school. We would like to see as many countries represented by as many people as possible. We have over 40 nationalities in the junior and senior schools and would like to see every country showcased. We currently have exhibitors from the following countries:

Romania Nigeria Ireland South Korea Mauritius

We would love to see more countries showcasing on the day. Our current exhibitors would also love the help of parents from the above countries. Please come to our coffee morning this Wednesday May 24th 9am Junior School Staffroom. If you can’t make the coffee morning, please contact the junior or senior schools before Friday 26th May, where there are lots of people to help and support. We will be delighted to include you in the preparations and give you all the support you need.

The Intercultural Exhibition 2023 will take place on

Wednesday May 31st 2023


Intercultural Assembly – Show Your Colours to the World

On Wednesday May 31st all children are invited to wear national costumes or colours of their/parent's country of origin to school. Both schools will also hold their annual Intercultural Assemblies. If your child would like to showcase a song, some music, dance or poetry at the assembly please let us know. We would like to thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We know that our children, our school and community will ultimately benefit from all your commitment and contributions.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Alma Moran, Aine Fitzpatrick and the Intercultural group.



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