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Re: Amendment to the School’s Admission Policy

Amendment to the School’s Admission Policy

Dear parents,

The Department of Education has instructed Boards of Management to make a change to their Admissions Policy, requiring Boards of Management to co-operate with the NCSE with regard to making places available for children with Special Education Needs.

The wording of the additional amendment is as follows:

Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School will cooperate with the NCSE in the performance by the Council of its functions under the Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004 in relation to the provision of education to children with special educational needs, including in particular by the provision and operation of a special class or classes when requested to do so by the Council. (Insert name of schools) will comply with any direction served on the board or the patron under section 37A and 67(4)(b).

These required changes were notified to schools at very short notice, via a circular from the Department of Education. A copy of the circular (0075/2022) is attached.

The school’s board of management has been instructed to ‘consult’ with staff and parents in relation to these changes.

We are asking parents to read the proposed changes outlined above. If you have any comments in relation to these changes, you are asked to email these to by the 20th December2022.

The board is required to confirm that changes to the Admissions Policy have been made by the 31st January, 2023.

Warm regards,

Enda McGorman



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