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Return To School Thursday 6th January

Dear Parents / Guardians

Happy New Year. I hope 2022 brings health, prosperity and happiness to you and your family.

We are looking forward to school reopening as planned tomorrow, Thursday 6th January 2022.

As we all know Covid-19 continues to be highly contagious and widespread in our communities. This presents us with the ongoing challenge of keeping everyone in our school community safe. We will continue to operate in line with our Covid-19 response plan, which sets out the range of mitigation measures in the school, including hand hygiene, social distancing, ventilation and mask wearing.

As a controlled and safe environment, we continue to require your support and goodwill to keep our school community as safe as possible during the current wave of the pandemic. I know this can be challenging for you and your family but your cooperation will help us minimise the spread of Covid-19 in your child's class

Return to School Parent Declaration on Aladdin

Reminder to please complete the Return to School Declaration on Aladdin after 3pm today.

Mask Wearing

Mask wearing is required for all Staff/ adults entering the school grounds, and children in Senior School classes (third to sixth). It is essential that Parents/Guardians continue to wear a mask at drop off/collection times.

We have prepared an information video for parents and pupils on how to wear face coverings in school. We are asking all parents to view this video and to note its contents.

The link to the video is here:


We will continue to have good ventilation in classrooms throughout the day as per guidelines. It is advisable for children to wear extra layers as classrooms can be somewhat on the cool side given that many windows and doors are open.

Covid 19 Symptoms

If your child is presenting with any of the Covid 19 symptoms detailed below, please keep your child at home and follow isolation guidelines attached.

If your child tests negative on antigen/PCR test they should be 48 hours symptom free before retuning to school.

Signs of COVID-19 disease:

• fever of 38.0⁰C or higher without another medical reason (such as chickenpox or a urine infection)

• new cough or difficulty breathing or worsening of an existing breathing problem, OR

• loss of sense of smell, change in sense of taste, or loss of sense of taste (if your child is able to say this)

• other minor breathing or chest problems in a child who has been in contact with an ill person, is part of an outbreak or is a contact of someone who has COVID-19

• Other symptoms associated with COVID-19 include fatigue, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, sore throat, headache, muscle/joint pain, skin rash, nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea, chills or dizziness.

Isolation Guidelines

The rules in relation to isolation for close contacts and for those who have contracted Covid-19 have been subject to frequents change in recent weeks. I have attached an info graphic which is really helpful in seeking to understand Isolation Guidelines. The link is attached:

I have also attached a link to the more detailed guidance document produced by the HSE on Isolation which covers children under age of 13 and those 13 & older:

Foreign travel

The advice from the government in relation to foreign travel can be accessed at the following link:

In addition to the above, public health advice is that all arrivals from overseas should undertake daily rapid antigen testing for 5 consecutive days following arrival and to self-isolate and undertake PCR testing should they become symptomatic.

Thank you for your continued support!

To date, we have received wonderful support and co-operation from our school community in helping us combat the virus in the school. We are confident of your ongoing support, particularly over the coming weeks when covid numbers are expected to reach a peak.

Wishing you all a very happy , healthy and safe new year .

Take care and continue to stay safe.

Enda McGorman


Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School



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