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School Lotto Fundraiser

Dear parents

As you know, the school’s LOTTO has been very successful and has grown to be a very important fund-raiser for both the Junior and Senior schools.

All the money raised is used to directly support our schools and your children’s educational experience. This LOTTO makes a major difference to the school and we want to thank everyone for their support!

The increase in the cost of goods and services is having a significant impact on the school’s finances, so this year we are making an extra effort to get everyone from our school community involved. Please pass the word around to your family and friends too!

You can join our LOTTO fund-raiser by following this link:

We are also attaching details of a special Halloween Draw which members of our School LOTTO will also be entered into!

Best of luck, and thank you for your support!

Enda McGorman Alma Moran



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