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Survey on Changes to School Uniform

Dear parents,

As you know, our experience of COVID-19 has given all of us an opportunity to reflect on what we do and how we do it. This is equally true in school. During the pandemic, we gave pupils from 1st to 6th the option of wearing their tracksuits to school on a daily basis, as they were outdoors exercising throughout the week in school. Infant children already had this option.

Post-COVID, a number of parents and pupils have expressed the desire to continue wearing the tracksuit on a daily basis, rather than a mix of tracksuit and school uniform.

We have had widespread discussions among school staff, the parents’ association and the board of management in relation to the school uniform.

We have decided to survey parents to establish their views in relation to the uniform. We have attached the link to a short survey which we are asking parents to complete. We are seeking to establish parents opinion in relation to the school uniform. We are seeking to establish whether:

  • parents would like to continue with the current arrangement for children in 1st to 6th which is wearing school uniform most school days with the school tracksuit only being worn for physical education (PE)


  • Whether parents would prefer pupils wearing a tracksuit only in the school

Please complete the survey which was sent home on Aladdin before Friday December 16th.

When we get the results of this survey back, we will be in a better position to decide whether our school uniform policy needs to be amended.

Kind regards,

Alma Moran Enda McGorman



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