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Upcoming School Closures

Dear parents,

Planned School Closures

As you will be aware from our published calendar, both the Junior and Senior schools will be closed for the upcoming Bank Holiday on February 6th.

We will be closed for Mid Term Break on February 16th and 17th.

School closes at 12.00 on Friday, March 31st for the Easter Holidays.

We reopen on Monday April 17th at 8.50.

Additional School Closures for Staff Training

There are some additional school closure which we wish to bring to your attention.

As you are probably aware, a new language curriculum is currently being rolled out in all Primary schools in the country. The programme of staff training is continuing this year. In order to facilitate the next training modules in this new Primary Language Curriculum Mary, Mother of Hope Senior school will be closed on the following dates:

· Wednesday February 15th

· Friday June 16th.

Please notify your crèche or childminder as appropriate.

Yours sincerely,

Alma Moran Enda McGorman

Principal Principal



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