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Erin GoBragh Club Coaching

Dear Parents,

Last week, we have had a fantastic week of training from Mícheál McWeaney, the Games Promotion Officer with our local Gaelic Football Club, Erin GoBragh. His sessions were so well planned and organised and most of all, they were enjoyable.

Mícheál did extensive individual sessions with each class in the school and it was wonderful to see all classes taking part so enthusiastically. In addition, Mícheál gave each of our Junior and Senior boys and girls football panels two extra training sessions each. This was a great boost for our four school teams. I would like to thank Mícheál for his work and also to pass on our appreciation to all in Erin GoBragh for the ongoing support and assistance they give to the school- it is much appreciated!

We would wish to encourage all of our children to become active members of Erin GoBragh, which is their local club. Just go along to the training sessions and join in!

Many of our parents have asked for the contact details of the revenant GAA coaches from Erin Go Bragh, with a view to taking part and joining the club. The good news is that membership is free up to December, 2017!

Coaching for boys and girls is organised according to the year of birth of the children. The contact details for all coaches is given below.

Looking for Boys to play Gaelic Football and Hurling

Children Born in 2010 – Donal Quinn 086 3801621

Children Born in 2009 – Chloe English 087 7183223

Children Born in 2008/2007 - Aidan Nolan 087 9920649

Children Born in 2006/2005 – Eoin Desmond 087 6293690

Looking for Girls to Play Gaelic Football and Camogie

Children Born in 2010 – Martin Carroll 086 1563040

Children Born in 2009 – Adrian Mulligan 086 4085464

Children Born in 2008 – Paul Gilmartin 086 6012523

Children Born in 2007 – Dave Shakeshaft 087 8216034

Children Born in 2006 - Ronan Behan 086 8066614

Children Born in 2005/2004 – Dermot Moloney 087 6242995

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