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School Book Fair

The school will be holding its Annual Book Fair from Monday, November 27th to Friday, December 1st.

Why a Book fair?

A positive attitude to books in the home and the availability of a wide selection of books for children has proven invaluable in helping children’s reading. Our Book Fair offers a diverse and inspiring selection of books for children, whatever their interests. As a Senior School we encourage independent reading and reading for fulfillment and enjoyment. We equip children in our care with a life long love of learning. As teachers, therefore, we would encourage parents to promote your child’s independent reading and choice, in viewing the Book Fair as an opportunity to support the positive approach of the school.

How does it work?

The books for third class to sixth class will be on display in a classroom in the Erin go Bragh prefabs for the duration of one week. The children will be brought to the fair during the week with their teachers in order to look at or purchase books on offer. To aid the smooth running of the Book Fair, a timetable indicating when your child may come to purchase books with his/her teacher is available from the school. Of course if this time does not suit your child we would welcome you at another time. Parents are welcome to visit the Book Fair with their children in the afternoon on Wednesday 29th November and first thing in the morning on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December.

Benefits to the school

Once again this year, for every €100 spent by parents at the Book Fair; the school will receive a donation of €50 worth of goods. We put this money towards supplying books for our classrooms, teach

ers, support rooms, class libraries, novel sets, read-aloud books and guided reading sets. We look forward to expanding our selection of books in our beautiful library space also. Therefore, your children will benefit both at home and in school from the Book Fair.

We are also in need of some parent volunteers who would be available to sell books at the book fair. If you have an hour or two to spare please contact the Senior School. We would greatly appreciate your support. We are particularly grateful to the assistance offered by the Parent Association in setting up and in running the Book Fair. Without their support, we would find it impossible to organise the week.

Éidín Macnamara

Book Fair Coordinator

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