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Communication between Home and School

Dear parents,

We are very aware of the need to keep good communication between home and school during the emergency closure.

To help us maintain good communicate with parents, we have taken the following steps:

Aladdin Connect

We wrote to parents in relation to Aladdin Connect, which is the new communication tool we will be using.

We will be activating Aladdin Connect later today. You will receive a text with an activation code. Following the link in order to set activate Aladdin Connect on your device.

Dedicated Email Address

We have set up a special email address for parents to communicate with the school.

School Website Updates

We will be updating the school website as new information comes to light. Please check-in on our website for regularly for updates.

Emergency Contact Number

In the event of an emergency, parents can contact the school using the number (089) 412 4400. Please only use this in the event of an emergency.

We hope that in the challenging weeks ahead, we will continue to support parents and pupils as much as possible. Please continue to engage with the content on our website, in particular the section of the website which has assigned work for children:

We send every best wish and blessing to you and your families in the weeks ahead.

Enda McGorman



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