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Art Competition in memory of Aaron Ebriome!

We had some absolutely stunning entries in our annual Art Competition Winners 2020, in memory of our former classmate Aaron Ebriome!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted an entry, but especially to the overall winners, who was:

Josh Cussen in Ms Leyden’s Class

Congratulations and Well Done Josh! Your prize in on its way to you!!!

Congratulations to the winners at each class level who also produced stories of the highest calibre:

3rd Class : Lenah Shine in Ms Goodwin's class

4th Class: Holly Madden in Mr. Whyte's class

5th Class: Anirudh Darisa in Mr Lally's class

6th Class: Aoife O Shaughnessy in Mr Curtin's class

We have vouchers on their way to you in the post as well!

We also were very impressed with the level of entries from the following children who were highly commended:

3rd Class:

  • Anna McDermott in Ms M. Oakes's class

  • Cassie Conway Carbonari in Ms Goodwin's class

  • Craig Daly McCabe in: Ms McKenna's class

4th Class:

  • Mia Doyle Lalor in Ms L. Dunne's class

  • Nicholas Boronia in Ms Boyle's class

  • Teegan O Connor in Mr Whyte's class

5th Class:

  • Lee Hand in Ms Horan's class

  • Alannah Twomey in Ms P Dunne's class

6th Class:

  • Liam Dempsey in Mr Curtin's class

  • Ria Chacko in Ms Leech's class

  • Annie John Edwin: Ms Leyden's class

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