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Cake Sale This Friday!

The children in 6th class are organising a Cake Sale this Friday, the 3rd May.

It is part of the Fund-Raising that 6th class children do for their trip to Carlingford.

We appreciate the hard work of the children involved and their teachers, and would ask everyone to support it!

The timetable for classes to attend the Cake Sale are:

10.00-10.20 Ms. Galligan and Ms L Dunne

10.20 – 10.40 Ms. McKenna and Ms.Fitzpatrick

11.00 – 11.20 Ms.Travers and Mr.McGeough

11.20 – 11.40 Ms. P Dunne and Ms.Goodwin

11.40 – 12.00 Ms.Kennedy and Mr O’Cearra

12.00- 12.20 Ms. Leyden & Mr. Curtin

We wish the children every success on the day!


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