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'The Lunch Bag' service launched in school

Dear parents,

We are writing to inform you of a new Lunch Bag service which is coming to your school. The healthy school lunch delivery service will be available in the school from Monday the 20th of January.

Background to our Company

The Lunch Bag are a nationwide company with kitchens in Longford, Clare, Wexford and Bray and already produce 40,000 hand crafted lunches fresh every morning. We are in the top 6% of Q marked companies in the country, with house-hold brands which adhere to the schools healthy eating policy.

The Lunch Bags’ mission is to empower children to care for their future-self through educated, healthy food choices. The service allows children the opportunity to sample a wide variety of foods without additional cost or waste to the family.

Introduction to the Service

As an introduction to the service, on Wednesday 15th of January, all children in the school will be bringing home a free €10 voucher off the service.

They will also bring home a sample lunch for parents to inspect and information on how to register for the service.

When will Lunch Deliveries begin?

Lunches will be delivered to the school from Monday the 20th of January. The €10 voucher can be used to sample and will give you the opportunity to try out the service with no obligation.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ORDER BEFORE 12NOON on Sunday the 19th of January.

Allergens and Safety

As the safety of children is of paramount importance, The Lunch Bag service ensures that any children with allergies will not be exposed to any product containing that allergen. This information is all available within the brochures, however, if you have any further queries, just call 043 33 62038 or email

This is a fantastic opportunity for the school, and we look forward to seeing the benefits to both children and parents alike. Please take a few moments to review the attached brochure and register the voucher code on Wednesday.


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