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Active Schools Week in Mary, Mother of Hope SNS

Good evening everyone,

I hope that all is well and that you had a good week-end!

Active Schools Week

This week is Active Schools week, where we focus on promoting physical activity among the entire school community- pupils, staff and parents.

Our teachers have selected a number of fun and challenging physical activities for the children throughout the week. These are attached. You will notice that for the week we have set aside academic work, so that the children can get the most from Active Schools week.

Dancing with Yas!

These activities include a number of dance lessons from Yas, which I know that pupils will enjoy! All of Yas’ dance videos are in our ‘Let’s Work from Home!’ section of the website- simply follow this link for the dance lessons:

Tells us how you are getting on!

We are asking pupils to upload images or recordings of their activities to the Active Schools padlet.

We hope that our pupils enjoy the break from academic work for the week and that all the family can join in for at least some of the activities!

I have recorded a short video message for our pupils, please share it with them when you can.

Take care and stay safe!

Enda McGorman


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