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6th Class Tour to Carlingford Adventure Centre

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian,

As you know the trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre will be next Thursday 16th of June.

Early Departure: The children must be in school at 7.15am on Thursday morning. As the school will not be open, we will assemble in the 5th/6th class yard beside the All-Weather pitch in front of the school’s main entrance.

Late Arrival Back at School: We depart Carlingford at 8.00pm and will be back in the school around 9.30 pm. We will send a notification on Aladdin on Thursday evening with a precise time of arrival back in school.

Full Supervision Provided: The children will be accompanied on the bus by their class teachers, SNAs and other school staff. Mr McGorman and Ms.Fitzpatrick will meet the group in Carlingford. The centre is fully staffed, and the children will be under the supervision of these staff for the duration of their day.

No Mobile Phones: As this is a day tour, there is no necessity for children to bring their mobile phones. The school mobile phone policy will apply. Children are not allowed mobile phones in school.

Spending Money: Children are allowed bring a maximum of €10 for spending money. However this is not necessary as all meals are provided.

Items of Clothing Needed: Please see the attached checklist which sets out clearly what children should bring.

Medical Needs: If your child has medical needs and needs to take medication, a letter in writing must be provided, signed by the parents, outlining the child’s needs. We cannot undertake to administer medicine without such written consent. Children who have asthma may keep their inhalers with them, as they do in school.

Best Behaviour Expected from all: As with all school activities, children on outings from Mary, Mother of Hope Senior school are subject to the school code of behaviour and code of discipline. The highest standards of behavior will be expected from children on the trip- just as in school. Any breaches of this code may result in children being sent home by the deputy principal.

We hope that all the children have a fun and exciting adventure in Carlingford and that they will have many happy memories of their last trip as pupils in Mary, Mother of Hope SNS.

Thank you,

Ms. Leech, Mr. Curtin, Ms. Clerkin and Mr. Nolan.


Carlingford Checklist

Below is a checklist of items as recommended by

Carlingford Adventure Centre.

Tracksuit Tops, t-shirts, Socks, underwear, one change of clothes

(jeans not suitable)

Swimwear & Towels

2 Pairs of Runners (one old pair for Water Sports)


2 Plastic Bags for storage of wet gear.

If possible Waterproof jacket, trousers, walking boots, small rucksack



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