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Friendship Week

Dear parents,

This week we celebrated Friendship Week in Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School.

It is a week where we have a special focus on the theme of Friendship across all classes. The central aim of Friendship Week is to highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining friendships, to discuss what happens when friendships break down and to give children opportunities to make new friends.

Friendship Week is built around the theme of ‘Be Kerri Kind’. We decided to dedicate Friendship to the memory of our former pupil Kerri Behan, as she encapsulated the essence of the warmth, friendship, care and love which we would all want to see in all of our pupils.

Alongside friendships, the issue of bullying is also highlighted; the different forms and its effects.

All classes have set aside time each day throughout friendship week to work on different topics and themes.

We also had a number of competitions for pupils at every class level. Pupils put a huge amount of work into these competitions, and I want to congratulate them all for their efforts!

We have prepared a short Video of the winning entries at each level. We shared it with pupils in a whole-school assembly today. I am attaching a copy of the link for parents to see- we hope you enjoy it!

I want to thank Ms. Galligan for co-ordinating activities through Anti-Bullying Week.

Best wishes,

Enda McGorman

Link to Friendship Week Competition Winners:


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