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Jack Chambers, Minister for Sport and the Gaeltacht visits the school!

‘When will things go back to normal?’ That was one of the more poignant questions posed by Alex, a pupil ìn 6th class, to Minister for Sport and the Gaeltacht Jack Chambers, T.D. when he visited the school yesterday. Of all the questions asked, it was probably the one that was most difficult to answer.

The Minister, accompanied by Fingal Councillor. Tom Kitt, visited the school to hear from us about our experience of keeping the school open during the pandemic. He took a tour of the school grounds and showed great interest in the prevention and protection measures the school has introduced to minimise the risk of infection.

But his main purpose was to bring a message of thanks to the children and staff for their commitment to keeping themselves and each other safe during the past 15 months of Covid. He visited children in each of the four 6th classes in the school to convey this message of support, and also to answer questions from the children, of which there were many!

These questions covered a wide range, including:

- When will there be a return to competitive team sports?

- When will indoor training be allowed?

- What type of holidays are allowed?

- Why did you want to be a T.D.?

- When will we be allowed to make our Confirmation?

- What can we do to stop littering in the community?

There was also a lot of interest in development of Phase 2 of the Community Centre. This is a project which is very close to all of us in the school, and as Minister for Sport, the children wondered why our project hasn’t been built. The Minister committed to following this up with Fingal Co. Council, and we certainly welcome his support.

Before leaving, the Minister also met with a number of staff and thanked them for their work and service to the school and the community throughout the pandemic.

With the sun shining, and children playing and training outdoors with their clubs, things are slowly returning to normal, and we are all hopeful that this return to normal will be accelerated in the months ahead!



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